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Knight's forensic pathology. It provides a stable base for muscle activation, a mobile platform for glenohumeral kinematics, a link between the core and the arm, and serves as a funnel to transmit forces to the distal upper extremity. Dynamic stability of the scapula. A third center can appear at the tip of the coracoid process during puberty and occasionally fail to fuse with the coracoid. In case of a misinterpretation of the athlete's symptoms and a therapeutic mismanagement, the dynamic overload increases successively and ends up in a static overload of the capsuloligamenteous restraints. Simultaneously, electromyographic data were acquired on nine shoulder muscles while performing the three phases of shoulder rehabilitation exercises as described by Neer. He didn't say anything perverted, or about any body parts.

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Clinical assessment of the scapula: A review of the literature

Glenohumeral motion at high speed was more dominant at the beginning of abduction or adduction beyond the setting phase, then became less dominant according to the arm movement, compared with the motion at low speed. The injuries involved two A3. Discussion In forensic sciences to determine one's sex is quite important during the identity defining stage, in addition, the ability to Figure 5 Polynomial regression lines corresponding to maximum scapular length in male and female.


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