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Upon his arrival, however, Daak ends up saving the life of the stunningly beautiful Princess Taiyin. For a long time I considered The Killing Joke to be one of the all-time greatest Batman stories ever told. And a nice red uniform. When Barbara finally regained her ability to walk and resumed the identity of Batgirl in the New 52, Simone was again there to chronicle her adventures. Here he was paired with regular artist Dave Gibbons. So please raise a glass or a chainsword in his memory.

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Tesla Strong!

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Retro Review: The Many Worlds Of Tesla Strong #1 (July 2003)

Todd Klein Editor: Maybe the possibility of a nuclear apocalypse is something they lived with for so long during their formative years that it actually now seems much more palatable than facing the difficult work of actually having to deal with complex, long-term crises such as climate change, rapidly-changing job markets, and wealth inequality. Yes, Watchmen was brilliant and thought-provoking and groundbreaking. Published between June and MayTom Strong featured really great work by Moore, Sprouse and various other talented creators.

the many worlds of tesla strong naked
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